We are here to help you through the buying process, to be your advocates, and to make it easy!

First National Real Estate agents are trained to assist you to identify your priorities, helping you to find the property that best suits your needs and budget. The advantage of dealing with a network like First National is that your new property can be found by your agent, working in collaboration with thousands of First National agents nationally. All First National offices have technology links that will enable you to view a potential home on the other side of this city, in another state, or even another country.

So, don’t make a life altering mistake when purchasing a home. We see people make expensive mistakes every day. First National’s Home Buyers Guide will guide you through the complete process, from finding the home of your dreams through to finance arrangements and, finally, the move. We’ve included work sheets that will help you prioritise and ensure you find a home that will suit your needs both now and well into the future – we want to help you through the critical steps in the process so you can purchase your dream home.

Alternatively, our friendly real estate sales team at First National Real Estate Kew can assist you with any enquiries.
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